When will the wet, windy and warm NC weather end?

The market was taken by surpise by the massive weather turn during week 52. Last time similar weather setup was seen the Nordic hydro areas got a hydbal surplus of about 18 TWh on one moth. This year there are few indications of a turn to calmer and colder weather as things are now and some forcing mechanisms are peaking = massive wet and windy lows. Both France and Germany are influenced by Hi-pressure anomalies originating from the Pacific – for now, low wind but warm… TradeWpower is studying the last 20 years synoptic setup and Gwh-levels of temp, precip and wind using new knowledge and methods. Using improved insights combined with the companies Weather Regime Model the upcoming energy weather trends and persistence of the weather regimes can be foreseen fare better than using traditional meteorological analsysis.

  • NC: The following week wet, windy and warm forecasts will be seen but our risk analysis shows some hope for calmer weather – but the risk is not verified yet

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