Weather Risk Management and market analysis – Nordic and German power markets

Combining the companies proprietary Weather Regime Model with traditional tools from leading market players (Eikon, WattSight, NENA) and companies and clients expertise has proven to be very valuable and an effective method to foresee market development. Contact the company for references and track record.

The service contains:

All analyses are presented through a password protected web-page “TradeWe”. Important updates and significant changes will also be notified through mail.

Energy weather and Power Market Outlook:

  • Daily comments on the WRM and energy weather analysis

  • Analysis of water values, inflow and snowpack development

  • Analyse and discussion partner on energy meteorology outlook and its effect on the Nordic (German) power market

  • Updates and knowledge building in energy weather forecasting

  • 1-hour web meeting per week

Weather-tuned strategies:

  • Analyse and discussion partner on energy markets outlook

  • Weather-optimized strategies will be discussed directly with clients

Clients have prioritized rights to additional services:

  • Knowledge/training/lectures in energy weather analysis and weather risk management

  • Support to your development team (tools, analyses and strategies)

Bull – Neutral/Hold – Bear