Weather Risk Management and market analysis – Nordic and German power markets

TradeWpower works closely with clients to weather-optimize production, trading, hedging and sales strategies. Please make contact with the company for a trial and a walk-through of what TradeWpower can offer. A key ingredient is the companies proprietary Weather Regime Model (WRM). The track record shows the WRM helps clients weather optimize their strategies and lower their weather risk => improved profit. 

The service contains:

All analyses are presented through a password protected web page “TradeWe”. Important updates and significant changes will also be notified through mail.

Energy climate changes 

  • Detailed analysis of Nordic and German  climate changes the last 40 years seen through today’s energy market’s setup

  • Typical monthly atmospheric setup that causes dry and calm vs wet and windy months

Energy weather and market outlooks

  • Daily comments on the Weather Regime Model and energy weather analysis

  • Analysis of water values, inflow and snowpack development

  • Analyse and discussion partner on energy meteorology outlook and its effect on the Nordic (German) power market

  • Updates and knowledge building in energy weather forecasting

  • 1-hour web meeting per week

Weather-tuned strategies

  • Analyse and discussion partner on overall energy markets outlook

  • Weather-optimized strategies will be discussed directly with clients

Profit share 

  • The company has signed several profit share deals with clients

  • Take contact for more information

Clients have prioritized rights to additional services:

  • Knowledge/training/lectures in energy weather analysis and weather risk management

  • Support to your development team (tools, analyses and strategies)

Bull – Neutral/Hold – Bear