Trading and hedging contest

Live testing and development of the companies Weather Risk Management concept have been done in collaboration with several Nordic hydro producers. The results were significantly better profit through optimal weather risk management and weather strategies. Please contact the company if you need references and track record.

During September 2020-2021 TradeWpower challenge traders and analyst in a contest, will natural science win over finance? At low cost I assure you that the WRM will improve your trading, hedging and production planning.


Energy weather trend

Weather risk management


Fundamental market analysis

Traditional risk management

News and energy prices

Market risk – intel

Weather-tuned strategies

You don’t have to change your mandate, strategy or risk profile using the service: “TradeWe“.

  • The Weather Regime Model (WRM) predicts when does energy weather and inflow trends changes, the persistence of weather and risk for “surprising” changes

  • Combining the TradeWpower-WRM  with Refinitiv-Eikon and has proven to be a very profitable strategy

  • Adding own and clients expertise to the strategies results in improved risk management and fewer weather-related losses

  • Production and hedging can be weather-optimized on monthly-quarterly bases with individual risk profile

  • Accumulated profit over a year can be significant!