Nordic power futures under pressure

The massive turn to warm, wet and windy (WWW) energy forecasts far above normal levels took many meteorologists, traders and analysts by surprise during week 52. The companies Weather Regimem Model (WRM) showed that the risk for a WWW turn was high and that persistent stable cold, dry and calm energy forecast was low. Our risk analysis showed that the weather turn to WWW could come earlier than what the WRM implied and thus triggered profit-taking during week 51. 

  • The companies Weather Regime Model (WRM) and risk analysis clearly help decisionmakers in weather-optimize their strategies

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  • Weather Risk Management concept is based on 9 years of analysis and own research of energy weather trends

Understanding the polar vortex is critical for decision-makers within Nordic and German power markets. Traders, analyst, production planners and meteorologist can get new insight in using the polar vortex to lower their risk and improve their weather risk management by using the companies service: TradeWe