How can DIANA help analyst and traders?

TradeWpower has started to develop DIANA. A digital, intelligent, artificial, numerical advisor (DIANA) that looks beyond human capacities. The purpose is to simplify the workload at analysing and trading desk and that decision-making is based on facts and all human side are put aside.

Each trader and analyst will get its individual adapted DIANA (AI) that knows your mandate, task, limitations and strengths.

  • DIANA strategy is based on years of developing the companies weather regime model (WRM) and trading/analysis experience and challenges with objective collaboration/communication
  • => the endless info from different sources about the market outlooks, weather, teleconnections, snow cover, SOI, sun cycle, sea ice, blogs, snow cover, inflow, water values, Twitter, shifting market sensitivity, energy market observed vs forecasts effect, failure of market models and so on and so on and so on must be put into a rock-solid smart learning numerical system!


DIANA: The cloning of the meteorologists, analysts, traders and scientists