Want to trade Nordic and German power markets?

In 2020 the TradeWpower’s “Weather-Trading” system resulted in a 400% profit. Want to learn how?

Weather is a crucial price driver for power markets. Using the companies, Weather Regime Model (WRM) combined with the companies’ expertise and analysis from a leading market player clients get far better risk management => increased profit. 

TradeWpower present low-cost risk solutions for power trading for private and businesses. The focus is to profit on large fundamental shifts in power prices – not small scale fluctuations. 

  • The purpose is to give clients a possibility to invest in a high risk‐adjusted return i the power markets in combination with a low correlation with the traditional stock and bond markets
  • All transactions are carried out by clients themselves on their own registered trading account (Saxo Bank) but follow analysis presented by TradeWpower (bull/bear/risk)
  • Experience with financial trading is an advantage, and if clients are not considered reliable the company has the right to say no (You need to get through Saxo Bank classification)

Most private and business does do not have the ability to invest in power markets because of a lack of knowledge and the necessary tools are costly. That’s where TradeWpower can help you.

  • An independent power trader has at least 10 000 NOK per month in necessary cost for tools, but then you don’t have access to the companies tested profitable WRM model
  • TradeWpower present market outlooks from own and a leading market player at low cost
  • TradeWpower monitor the market every day and let you know when new opportunities show up (bull/bear/risk outlook)
  • Trading can be done through an App and takes just one minute

Profit-share deal:

All analyses are presented through a password protected web page “TradeWe”. Essential updates and significant changes will also be notified through mail/Facebook.

Phase 1: Knowledge building 

  • Each client pays a monthly fee per decision-maker (user of the service) in the test period 
    • => The focus will be training and understanding of energy weather and power markets

Phase 2: Profit-share 

  • Clients signs a profit-share deal for each Q
  • The contract is automatically terminated after each Q and profit-share is executed
  • The price is adjusted per month (+tax) per decision-maker using the service 
  • => Profitable power trading focusing on fundamental large shifts in the price outlook

TradeWpower power market outlooks 

  • Daily comments on the Weather Regime Model and energy weather analysis (this demand some effort to understand terms and energy meteorology)
  • Analysis of water values, inflow and snowpack development => price variables important for Nordic power prices
  • Analyze on energy meteorology outlook and its effect on the Nordic (German) power market
  • Leading market players “Fundamental market model outlooks.”
  • Bull/Bear/Neutral weekly outlooks and suggested strategies
  • Updates and knowledge building in energy weather analysis and power trading => become an independent power trader

Clients have prioritized rights to additional services:

  • Knowledge/training/lectures in energy weather analysis and weather risk management
  • Support to your development team (tools, analyses and strategies)

What to know more? => post@tradewpower.no.

Bull – Neutral/Hold – Bear